Working alongside Massive Music on this project was amazing. I truly enjoy collaborating with other creative people, and they had no shortage of that. When I was given this campaign, one of the first things I was told was that the idea, in terms of sound, was to “Feel The Alps”. No audio was shot for this commercial campaign, it was all 100% sound designed. It may seem like a simple idea of just throwing a bunch of winds together and you’re done, but that wouldn’t make you feel like you were IN the Alps. Each shot needed a new background, foreground, sounds for specific actor movements and of course camera movements themselves. I also researched what kind of birds would live around the Alpine region and put them in as well… try to find a sound effect of a forrest with specific Alpine birds in it… tough stuff! All told, my session had over 50 sound effects tracks, and I used them to the fullest!

So far, Edelweiss “Feel The Alps” has won a bronze Clio Award, been shortlisted twice at The One Show, shortlisted twice at The Telly Awards, and shortlisted once at The Americas (Shots) Awards. I’ll update this thread after the winners are announced! Fingers crossed 🙂