An Emmy Award for Imerman Angels!

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On December 2, 2017 “How Do You Find An Angel” for Imerman Angels was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement for Community/Public Service.  Winning awards is always special, but to be part of such a beautiful piece of work for such a devastatingly important cause is even more rewarding.

Scott Marvel and Michael Gabriel of Daily Planet  were on hand to accept the award.  Scott summed up the honor in this post:

This Saturday night, we won an Emmy Award for our Imerman Angels commercial “How Do You Find An Angel?”

It’s always an honor to be able to use the talents we’ve been given to create a piece of art that impacts the world positively.

We had a vision of creating something that could be shared by people fundraising for Imerman, a compelling video that would move people deeply and inspire them to support this great cause.

Michael Gabriele, Daily Planet ltd.‘s director, dug really deep on this one and masterfully conveyed one women’s cancer journey. It was a technical shoot, but the final piece was all heart. 100%.

No one reading this will not be affected by cancer. Luckily, Imerman Angels exists to help people through their cancer journey.

A big thank you to Sonixphere for the original music composition, Nick Bozzone from Stir Post Audio for the mix, and everyone who helped make this a piece we’re really proud of.