The G.A.N.G. Awards are finally tallied and the winners have been presented! Congratulations to the Game Audio Network Guild for creating their virtual awards show via Twitch last night! A lot of thought, planning and care obviously went into its production.

I was hoping for a win, for the mix I did for Concrete Genie’s cinematic cut-scenes, but it was an honor to have my work been nominated in such amazing company. Congratulations to the winning team behind Death Stranding… that game looks to be some truly amazing art, both visually and sonically.

Also, congratulations to the impeccable team over at Formosa Group and their interactive department for the numerous nominations and wins last night! Thank you for bringing me onto the Concrete Genie project, and I hope to play a part in your future projects! Thanks again to Paul Lipson and Patrick Ginn for the opportunity, support and amazing sound design to work with. Thank you Kyle Richards as well, for working with me on the final tweaks to the mix and lending your seasoned ears.

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