Today marks a very significant mile stone in my career, one which I have absolutely not accomplished alone! 1 year ago, I decided to figuratively ‘jump out of the airplane’ and go 100% freelance. My entire career leading up to this point, I had worked as a full-time studio employee, since 2003. The path I took to learn my skills from some of the greatest and most talented people I know of in this industry was long, difficult and exhausting. Yet, it was also some of the most fun, rewarding and eye-opening years and experiences of my life.

As I look back 365 days, I’m reminded of the people, projects and companies that have made Bozz1 Sound such a success! I’d like to thank a few invaluable people who have lent a hand in my little business venture in one way or another… thank you Susie Boyajan (Lime) and Greg Allan (Sonixphere) for your continued and unmatched guidance, positivity and expertise! Thank you Kyle Richards (Sony), Kevin Roth (PayPal), Nick Martinez (Roann Films), Andrew Le Guier (Thunk LA), Monica Arnold (Steelhead), Justin Amore (Editor), Art Wright (Thunder Sound), Julia Bianco Schoeffling and Chip Beaman (The Halp Network), Paul Lipson and Erica Mehallo and the rest of the team (Formosa Interactive), Dave Horowitz (The Many), Tad Fatum (Editor), Dawn Redmann (Freelance Executive Producer), Erin Reilly (Freelance Executive Producer), Jacquie Shriver (Side LA), Jaime Gamboa (Juice Studios / Soda Creative), Therese Hunsberger (jumP Editorial) and Shawn Bennett (TrueCar).. among many others!

With more diverse projects already on the horizon, and new people / companies who have expressed an interest in working with me, it is those of you mentioned above who have gotten me to this point, and I sincerely can’t thank you all enough for your continued support, trust and friendship! THANK YOU!

For a look at some of this previous years work, visit my website:

Finally, I’m really looking forward to writing another thank you message next November =)